Reasons & Solutions for Low Powder Extraction Rate of the Raymond Mill

By: FTM MachineryMay 31st,2019

Raymond Mill is one of the most widely used equipment in the grinding industry. According to statistics, in Chinese grinding equipment, Raymond mill has a market share of more than 70%. However, as the production progresses, there is a case where the powder extraction rate is lowered, which will affect production efficiency. The article shares four reasons for the reduction of the powder rate of Raymond mill and three methods of increasing the powder yield.

1. The powder locker is not tightly sealed.

If the sealing operation of the locker is not done during the grinding process, the powder will be sucked up, resulting in no powder or less powder. Therefore, check the seal of the locker and adjust the degree of sealing on time.

2. The analyzer does not work.

The analyzer of Raymond mill is responsible for analyzing the size of the finished powder, whether it meets the finished product standard, and does not need to be sanded again. In the case of severe wear of the analyzer blade, the effect of classification is not achieved, which may cause the powder to be too thick or too fine. In this case, replacing a new blade can be solved.

3. The fan is not adjusted well.

If the air volume of the Raymond mill fan is not adjusted well, it will cause the mill to produce the abnormal powder. If the air volume is too large, the powder will be too thick; if the air volume is too small, the powder will be too fine. In case of abnormality, the air volume of the fan should be adjusted to correct the particle size.

4. The blade has failed.

The blade of the Raymond mill is responsible for scooping up the material. When the blade is used for a period of time or the quality is not too strong, the blade wears a lot, it will not be able to scratch the material, and it will cause no powder or less powder. This requires a new blade to be replaced to keep the equipment running.

In general, to improve the amount of powder in the production process of Raymond mill, there are the following requirements:

1. Scientific & Reasonable Matching

On the one hand, it is necessary to consider whether the equipment model can meet the daily production requirements and avoid the overload of the equipment; on the other hand, the customer should try to choose materials with moderate hardness and suitable for Raymond mill, to prevent the material hardness from being too large. It is difficult to achieve the grinding operation, and the material is blocked at the discharge port, which makes the powder difficult.

2. Choose the Right Host Speed to Increase the Grinding Force

It is a factor that improves the production efficiency of the pendulum mill to consider the load carrying capacity of the main motor. It is necessary to adjust the belt or replace it for increasing the kinetic energy of the mill.

3. Regular Maintenance

After using the Raymond mill for a period of time, it should be repaired and replaced with wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade. Before and after the roller device is used, carefully check the connecting bolts and nuts to see if there is looseness and if the grease is sufficient. In addition, the grinding roller bearings in the sleeve have to be replaced after more than 500 hours working, and the roller must be cleaned during the replacement. The damaged parts should be replaced in time.