Mobile Crusher is the Most Effective Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

By: Fote MachineryMarch 08th,2018

Construction waste is the solid waste produced in the construction process or the old building repair and demolition process. Construction waste is mainly composed of concrete, mortar, bricks, steel, slag, other decoration such as wood, plastic and other light substances.

With the acceleration of the urbanization, there are more and more construction wastes which will result in serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it has huge social and economic benefits to find the method of turning waste to treasure and garbage resource usage.

Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

In developed countries, using construction waste as raw materials for the production of recycled aggregate which is used to produce concrete and brick. Some researchers pointed out that the construction waste is a treasure. After effective development, the construction waste utilization rate can be up to 95%. Recycle the scrap steel, metal and wood on the construction waste and make crushing process to them. Then the crushed construction waste can be used to produce renewable brick and other new building materials.

In China, producing recycled aggregate with construction waste is the main using method for the construction waste recycling. After the initial cleaning of construction waste, sort out the recyclable steel and wood. Then crush the masonry and cement concrete blocks to aggregates with crushing equipment. Then make a screening operation to the aggregate and remove impurities, forming the building materials with a certain size requirements. Add accessories such as cement and fly ash in the raw material according to grading design requirements. Add a portion of the water and stir the mixture into concrete for the production of various building products and road construction products. The processed construction waste can replace the common sands to contribute to the infrastructure construction.

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