How to Improve the Efficiency and Yield of Sludge Dryer

By: FTM MachineryMarch 22nd,2021

The output of the sludge dryer is closely related to the user's economic benefits. Increasing the output of the sludge dryer is a key issue to improve the user's economic benefits. How to increase the output of the sludge dryer when the dryer is in the process of sludge dehydration and drying?

1.Control the initial moisture of sludge raw materials

The greater the moisture in the sludge raw material, the longer the drying time, which in turn reduces the efficiency of sludge drying. If there is less water in the sludge, it is easier to dehydrate and dry when the material exchanges heat with the high-temperature gas. The drying efficiency will naturally increase and the output will increase accordingly. Therefore, reducing the initial moisture in the sludge raw material is an important factor in increasing the output of the sludge dryer.

2.Remain stable heat of sludge dryer

The sludge drying operation is realized by the contact and exchange of wet sludge and high temperature air flow. If the heat in the drying cylinder is insufficient, the sludge cannot absorb the heat required for drying in a short time, and the drying rate will inevitably be reduced, which in turn affects the output of sludge drying. Therefore, ensuring the adequacy of heat in the sludge dryer is one of the key factors to increase the output of the sludge dryer.

3.Increases the contact between the material and the airflow by suitable lifting board

In the sludge drying operation, the sludge material is continuously turned up and down with the rotation of the drying drum, which promotes the full contact between the material and the hot air flow, and thus accelerates the drying speed of the sludge. Therefore, designing a suitable lifting plate device in the sludge dryer to increase the contact area between the material and the high-temperature airflow is also a measure to increase the output of the sludge dryer.

4.Standardize operation and adapt measures to local conditions

For any equipment, in order to improve its work efficiency, it must be operated correctly and standardized, and the same is true for sludge dryers. The staff must make the dryer maintain a uniform feed rate, scientifically and reasonably adjust the air volume inside the dryer, appropriately adjust the amount of coal burned according to the production situation, and promptly solve the emergent problems in the sludge d

rying process. In order to better ensure the efficiency and quality of sludge drying.

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