How to Deal with The Reason Why The Capacity of Grinding Limestone Can't Be Uplifted?

By: FTM MachineryFebruary 06th,2023

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is widely used in construction and industrial materials, and a small amount is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Limestone mill is usually used for Raymond mill, the mill is mainly used for limestone, barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, cement, kaolin, and other materials whose Mohs hardness does not exceed 9.3, and humidity is below 6 %, 280 kinds of non-flammable, explosive materials grinding and processing. So in the production of limestone mills, if the production efficiency can not meet the requirements, how to solve it?

The power system of the limestone pulverizer is centrally controlled, which can be operated unattended during the peak period, and is easy to maintain. It is mainly composed of a host, powder collector, fan, fineness analyzer, dust removal, exhaust equipment, and pipeline. The working principle of the limestone grinding machine is to feed the raw material into the machine from the hopper loader on the side of the hood shell, and with the help of the grinding roller mechanism hanging on the main frame, the centrifugal force during rotation makes the grinding wheel close to the grinding ring for grinding. The blower sends the powder material to the analyzer. The qualified material is discharged through the ventilation pipe, and the unqualified material is returned to the grinding groove for grinding.

The finer the material crushed by the Raymond machine, the lower the grinding ability. If customers have higher requirements for the fineness of the material, they can buy other equipment according to their own economic ability and ability. Taking ultra-fine grinding as an example, the particle size of the finished product is wide, and the fineness of the product can reach more than 3500 mesh.

Usually, the working efficiency of the limestone mill will be greatly affected, because the sealing of the powder locker is not good, there will be powder backflow, resulting in no powder, or less powder, so it is necessary to check the sealing of the powder locker of the mill and adjust the sealing degree. In addition, the limestone grinding machine grinding blade wear is serious, and will not be able to classify, as the powder will be too thick or too fine; a mechanical shovel in use after a period of time will also need to produce when the wear is too large, the material can not be shoveled up, resulting in not powder or powder, resulting in grinding parts wear, thereby reducing the output of limestone mill.