FTM Dressing Equipment Can Turn Ore Tailings into Treasures

By: Fote MachineryMarch 08th,2018

Ore tailings refer to the residual minerals in the more dressing process. Many enterprises usually abandon the ore tailings after the beneficiation operation is completed. But in fact, ore tailing is a kind of treasure waiting to be explored. The current task of our country's mining circular economy is to develop and utilize the long-stalled and abundant ore tailings. If we can recycle these ore tailings in virtue of new beneficiation technologies, it will be equal to a new mine. But how can we turn these waste ore tailings into useful treasures? At this time, our dressing equipment will take the spotlight. FTM preparation equipment is able to do a really good job in the secondary treatment of ore tailings.

FTM Dressing Equipment

We can take advantage of dressing equipment to recycle valuable materials from the tailings. In recent years, because the price of metallic mineral products is going on rising rapidly at home and abroad, the re-concentration of tailings has been developing very fast. Some large-scale mining enterprises have carried out a lot of explorations on the re-concentration technology of ore tailings, which not only obviously improves the resource recovery rate, but also creates huge economic benefits for the enterprises. At present, the re-concentration of tailings in China on a whole has a lot of problems of small scale, backward technology, low recycling rate, high energy consumption and high cost. Due to lacking of unified planning and management, sometimes it even results in serious secondary pollution.

Ore tailings are mainly composed of some nonmetallic minerals which are rich in silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, calcium carbonate and so on. They are can be made into building materials by artificial sand making production line and used in concrete to reinforce its sturdiness and durability. This kind of building material made by ore tailings is more conductive to construction.