Dryer Manufacturers Should Actively Improve Dryer's Heat Utilization

By: FTM MachineryMarch 08th,2018

Many first-class manufacturers usually spend a lot of time and money on researching and developing new technologies. Our drying machines are well known for excellent product quality and attractive price. Since the establishment, our company has oriented to scientific and technical innovation. We set up our mind to push our drying equipment to the international market.

Drying machine

Drying machines can be roughly divided into agricultural use and industrial use. These equipment are generally produced according to the same principle. In the actual production, under the assist of draught fan, the outer coal air will directly pass the air inlet and exchange heat with the heater and become dried hot air. After exchanging heat with the materials in the drum, it will be discharged out of the machine. And the moisture in the materials will be evaporated and dried gradually under the action of hot air.

Because water evaporation needs to absorb and consume a lot of heat, so the temperature of the exhaust air will escalate with the decrease of the moisture content of the materials. The main problem existing in the whole production is that the heater and machine casing dissipate a large amount of heat energy and steam pressure fluctuation has a great influence on energy consumption. If in the future manufacturing process, we can employ new technologies and rationally utilize the wasted heat, it will significantly promote dryer's drying efficiency.

Therefore, dryer manufacturers should actively research how to promote the heat utilization rate. No matter industrial dryers or agricultural dryers, the basic working principles are similar. How to maximize heat utilization rate on the basis of the standard working principles is exactly the essence of dryer improvement.