Development Prospects and Processing Equipment Introduction of Quarry Market in Southeast Asian

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 14th,2022

As one of the most ordinary non-metal ores, Limestone has been applied in lots of areas. Moreover, its wide distribution and easy acquirement from nature cause its broad usage.

Application area and product of limestone

It will replace plastic sleeves and packaging materials as a new environmentally friendly material. With the increasing demand for limestone in the market, limestone will become the most dynamic, environmentally friendly, and greenest material in the 21 st century. Limestone is not only an indispensable raw material for the steel and cement industry, but also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant, and other industries.

Analysis of Investment Opportunities in Southeast Asia

In recent years, the macro-economy of Southeast Asian countries has maintained growth momentum, and the government has also launched a number of ETPs ( Economic Transformation Plans ) aimed at promoting sustainable economic development and innovation capabilities, industrial development, and global competitiveness.

Southeast Asian governments have always attached great importance to investment in roads, ports, airports, and power infrastructure. The government hopes to strengthen the links between different modes of transportation and different cities and improve the safety and service levels in the transportation process. A series of planning to guide the transformation of social and economic structure, and improve the quality of life of the people.

Infrastructure construction is inseparable from high-quality building materials. As the primary building material, limestone aggregate has long been concerned. Due to backward technology, limestone has not been perfect for processing, but with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced technology is applied to the mining machinery industry. Therefore, limestone as a high-quality building material will be widely developed in the future.

Required machines and cost estimates in limestone quarry

There has various limestone processing equipment, they can be classified into five kinds, these details are as follows:

1. Jaw crusher-rough ( primary ) crushing

The jaw crusher is the equipment for processing limestone and is also the primary crusher commonly used in the crushing field. It can not only be used alone as crushing equipment for material processing, but also can be combined with other machines for various production lines.

The outstanding advantage of the jaw crusher is the large capacity of 2200 tons per hour owing to the use of high-performance motors, improving work efficiency. At the same time, it is beneficial to improve the running state and stability of the equipment. Therefore, the jaw crusher is very suitable for handling limestone.

2. Impact crusher, Cone crusher-fine crushing

If the finished limestone products are supplied to building materials, the crusher should be crushed as fine as possible. If it is crushed by a Cone crusher, then the output is not only fine but also contains less powder.

If limestone is used as building gravel, sand, and concrete aggregate, an impact crusher is a better choice, for it can process limestone into finished products with good shape and uniform size, which can significantly improve the performance of concrete.

3. Sand making machine-sand making

Sand making machines can crush limestone into the sand. It can be divided into fixed sand making machines and mobile sand making machines based on installation. The finished product size can be customized according to user needs, always in the range of 0.0125mm ~ 40mm. The finished sand shape is good, and the content of needle-punched particles can be controlled by 5%.

4. Ball mill, Raymond mill-grinding

Ball mill and Raymond mill are the most commonly used equipment for processing limestone. The ball mill can grind limestone by dry grinding and wet grinding, and the output reaches 615TPH. The maximum feed particle size is 25 mm, and the particle size of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 0.074 mm ~ 0.89 mm.

Compared with the ball mill, the Raymond mill is cheaper, and the particle size of the finished product is uniform, up to 800 mesh ( 0.015mm ), but the capacity is small and can only be dry-milled. Therefore, the Raymond mill is a reasonable grinding machine, suitable for customers with small capacity requirements.

5. Rotary kiln - calcining

A rotary kiln is a kind of building material machinery, but also a variety of machinery used in the mining fields, used to receive the calcination of limestone. In the treatment of limestone, the rotary type has the advantages of good calcination performance and long service life. Good performance, many advantages, wide application, to meet customer's high standards. Therefore, it is also a good machine for processing limestone.