Daily Maintenance of the Sand Washer

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 30th,2018

The sand washing machine is a washing device for artificial sand and natural sand. The sand washing machine produced by our company is a high-efficiency sand washing equipment developed with advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of domestic sand and gravel industry. It has the advantages of high cleaning height, reasonable structure and large output. The machine loses less sand during the sand washing process, and especially the transmission parts are isolated from water and sand, so the failure rate is much lower than the current common sand washing machine.

The daily maintenance of the sand washer equipment is to ensure its good technical state, so that it can be put into construction operation at any time to reduce the number of downtimes, improve the utilization efficiency of sand washing equipment, reduce wear, prolong the operation of sand washing equipment, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safe production.

1. Regular Inspection: The oil level, elastic band, gear reducer and connecting fasteners should be checked frequently to ensure that the machine is in normal working condition.

2. After using the gearing for the first time for one month, replace the oil in time. Filter the oil before adding it, and do not mix some impurities into it to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3. Standard Operation: In the process of using the sand washing machine, technicians should be responsible for the operation, and operators must have certain technology. Operators must be trained in technical operations to understand the principles, performance and operating procedures of the sand washer.

4. Complete Tools: Must be equipped with the necessary maintenance tools, lubricants and corresponding accessories to ensure timely maintenance and repair in the event of a major hazard.

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