Copper Ore Ball Mill Grinding Method

By: FTM MachineryFebruary 24th,2022

In a copper ore beneficiation plant, the grinding stage of a copper ore ball mill is an important part of investing a lot of money and energy consumption. The grinding process controls the particle size change of the entire beneficiation process and has a great impact on the productivity and recovery rate of the beneficiation plant.

In the selection of grinding methods of copper ore ball mill, there are two kinds of open circuit grinding and closed circuit grinding. What are the characteristics of these two grinding methods? Which grinding method to choose can realize efficient utilization of copper ore ball mill and improve productivity?

The methods and characteristics of open-circuit grinding and closed-circuit grinding of copper ore ball mill:

1. Open-circuit grinding: It means that in the grinding operation, the material is fed into the ball mill and discharged directly into the next mill or the next process after one grinding and discharge.

Advantages of open-circuit grinding: The production process is relatively simple, and the input cost is low. Its disadvantage is that it has lower production efficiency and generates greater energy consumption during production.

2. Closed-circuit grinding: It means that in the grinding operation, the material is fed into the mill for one time grinding and then classified, and the unqualified ore is returned to the mill for regrinding, and the qualified ore is sent to the next stage .

Advantages of closed-circuit grinding: it has a high crushing rate, and the quality of the products obtained is high. At the same time, the output of closed-circuit production is large, but its disadvantages are mainly that the process flow of closed-circuit production is relatively complicated, and the input cost is relatively large.

Before reaching the qualified particle size, the unqualified material will be repeatedly ground in the closed-circuit grinding stage. During grinding, more minerals can be transported into the grinding equipment, so that the energy of the copper ore ball mill can be utilized as much as possible, and the efficiency of the grinding equipment can be improved.

Features of copper ore ball mill grinding method:

1. It is easier to grind.

Since water is added to the grinding process of the copper ore ball mill, the water acts as a grinding aid for the material, so that the unsaturated bonds on the surface of the material react reversibly with water molecules, so the wet grinding makes the material easier to grind.

2. The grinding efficiency is higher.

During dry ball milling, the material to be ground sometimes adheres to the steel ball, thereby reducing the grinding efficiency, while the copper ore ball mill avoids this phenomenon and improves the grinding efficiency due to the addition of water.

3. The liner has a longer service life.

In the copper ore ball mill, water can better protect the cylinder lining and reduce the impact of steel balls and materials on the lining, so the damage to the lining is small and the service life is longer.

4. The slurry is more uniform.

Under the wet process, the copper ore ball mill can force the lean material and the plastic material to be stirred and mixed evenly. Although the time is short, it can still obtain a slurry with uniform composition, and the particles of the slurry are mainly round particles. Not flake-like particles, which is conducive to the rapid flow of the slurry.

In summary, the selection of the grinding method of copper ore ball mill is relatively complicated, and needs to be considered in a comprehensive manner in terms of material properties, investment costs, technological processes, etc. It is recommended that mine owners consult mineral processing equipment manufacturers with mine design qualifications to avoid economical loss.