Construction Waste Treatment—Mobile Crusher

By: Fote MachineryMarch 09th,2019

According to incomplete statistics, the annual production of construction waste generated in China can reach about 1 billion cubic meters. Why is it causing so much construction waste? This is mainly due to the development of urbanization. The demolition and rebuilding of old houses, subway tunnels and urban road reconstruction will cause a lot of construction waste. The construction waste accumulated over a long period of time pollutes the urban environment and also affects residents' lives.

What are the values of construction waste after it has been treated?

It is said that construction waste is a misplaced resource. As long as it is processed properly, it can still be useful. So, what values can construction waste bring to customers after processing?


After being crushed and screened, construction waste can be used as resources for building backfill, park soil foundation, building recycled aggregate, road cushion aggregate, construction waste recycled brick, concrete, and other high value-added products.


The broken construction waste can not only contribute to the market, but also bring investment to customers. According to the CIF price of first-tier cities in October 2017 in China, the value of construction waste brought to customers after crushing and screening is about 50¥/t.

From the above point of view, construction waste is indeed a misplaced resource. So how can we effectively manage construction waste? What equipment is used? Here we will introduce the mobile crusher.

Why do you choose mobile crusher for handling construction waste?

Floor Space

The construction waste is not concentrated and the stacking area is relatively large. If you choose a fixed crushing line, the investment is large and it takes a long time to install the equipment. However, the mobile crusher adopts a semi-vehicle structure, which is small in size and can be walked at any place with a front head when in use. What’s more, the location of the site can be adjusted according to the work schedule, and the movement is flexible.

Work Efficiency

The mobile crusher is a new type of crushing equipment that uses a folding design that combines the feeder, crusher, screen and conveyor. It can directly enter the interior of the site for crushing and screening, which avoids complicated equipment installation process, shortens working hours and improves work efficiency.


The mobile crusher is installed by an integrated unit, which reduces the cost of grounding and reduces the transportation cost of materials and equipment.

Broken Effect

The mobile crusher can be combined with the primary, secondary and tertiary crushers to process construction waste into 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm and 20-31.5mm building aggregates.

The construction waste cannot be separated from the mobile crusher. As a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd produces two kinds of mobile equipment for customers: wheel type and crawler type. If you want to know the performance of these two devices, you can consult online.