Comparison of Ultrafine Mill and Raymond Mill

By: Fote MachineryMarch 08th,2018

In the purchase of equipment, some customers do not know how to choose Raymond Mill and Ultra-fine grinding mill. They also don't know the difference between them either. Here's a look at the difference between Raymond Mill and Ultrafine Mill.

Raymond mill is commonly used grinding equipment, which is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Raymond Mill has a strong stability, adaptability and high performance cost ratio. However, with the wide development of non-metallic mineral material, many enterprises have higher and higher demand on nonmetal mineral products, especially the fineness of the products. Raymond Mill has some weakness on these aspects.

Raymond Mill

Ultra-fine grinding mill is a kind of small footprint, complete sets of performance, less one-time investment and low energy consumption equipment. Its operation is very simple, one person can complete it. Compared to Raymond mill, ultrafine mill is more energy-saving. In the case of the same fineness of production, the energy consumption of ultrafine Mill is much less. Moreover, ultrafine mill has less production links, which is more efficient, energy-saving and less dust. Ultrafine mill responds to the call for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Ultrafine mill