40-80 mesh quartz sand making equipment recommended-rod mill

By: FTM MachineryDecember 31st,2019

Quartz sand, as a common gravel material, is widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractory materials, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, rubber, and other industries. According to statistics of relevant research institutions, the annual growth rate of global industrial quartz sand is about 5.6%. This article introduces in detail what equipment is used for the preparation of 40-80 mesh quartz sand and the equipment quotation.

一、How to choose a device

The 40-80 mesh is the sand with a fineness of 0.18-0.45mm. At present, the equipment that can be used for this type of sandstone fineness treatment is Raymond mill and rod mill. Generally, it is not recommended to use sand making machine because the fineness of the sand making machine can be up to 20 meshes, and the cost is high. The economic benefits of Raymond mill and rod mill are better.

Although both the Raymond mill and the rod mill can be used for the production of 40-80 mesh quartz sand, it is recommended to use a rod mill for the following reasons

1. It is convenient to adjust the fineness of the finished product of the rod mill.

2: The rod mill supports dry and wet production. Sand processing, unlike Raymond Mill, has strict requirements on moisture.

3. The output of the rod mill is large, as small as 0.62 tons, as large as 180 t/h, both are available for sale, and customers have a wide range of choices.

二、How much about the equipment

How much does it cost to buy a machine for 40-80 mesh quartz sand preparation? Because there is more than one type of rod mill equipment with the same output fineness, the larger the output value, the larger the model, the more the corresponding consumables cost, so the specific quotation depends on the actual size of the customer. If you need to know the details, please feel free to contact customer service. There is a professional mining equipment sales manager to answer your questions online in time